Adriana Garcia, Ph.D.

Priorities for District 4

Community Development

“District 4 has been my home for more than 35 years. My parents still live here, it’s where I’ve raised my son, and when I had the opportunity to buy my first home ten years ago, I could think of no better place than District 4. Let’s work together to help others realize our district’s potential.” - Adriana R. Garcia

Continued Momentum

“Over the past three decades, District 4 has seen great progress. As the next representative for the district, I will ensure that the momentum to invest in our district continues.“ - Adriana R. Garcia

Economic and Workforce Development

“Having held various leadership positions, I know first hand the positive impact that occurs when we all have a seat at the table. Let’s work together to generate positive economic development opportunities for District 4.“ - Adriana R. Garcia