Making Government More Accountable and Above Board


Strengthening District 7’s neighborhoods is my highest priority. We are working for better streets and drainage, more sidewalks, well-maintained parks, excellent services for our seniors, and affordable utility rates. We are also endeavoring to make our city healthier, and our air cleaner.

In my view, this is how we make city government work for District 7 residents and all San Antonians.

Earning and maintaining your trust is just as important. That’s why I support the proposals the City’s Ethics Review Board discussed yesterday. The changes will strengthen our ethics code, and make elected officials and City staffers more accountable to you. Some of the reforms include limits to gifts of entertainment such as sports and show tickets, and expanding the prohibition on campaign contributions during high-profile contract bidding processes.

In addition, I requested disclosure requirements for any campaign contributions from residential developers for projects seeking letters of support from the City or financing from the City's Housing Trust.

Council will consider these proposals in the coming weeks.

These are small but effective ways to make our campaign-finance and bidding systems more transparent.

In the next few weeks, I will seek my Council colleagues’support for measures to make our public meetings and information more accessible to San Antonians. I consider this a companion piece to the campaign-finance reform the Ethics Review Board discussed Wednesday.

We must earn the trust of San Antonio residents by tearing down barriers to citizens’ participation in City government or to the information we need to fully understand how our tax dollars are being spent.

If you have ideas for how to make ours a more open government, please let us know! Share your thoughts in an email to

Yours in public service

Ana Sandoval, City Council District 7

Source: Sandoval, Ana (2017, September). Making Government More Accountable and Above Board. District 7 Newsletter. Volume 8